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You can make a planned trip to Thailand by obtaining a Thailand visa. Foreign nationals may apply for short-term visas to Thailand (Thailand tourist visa, electronic visa on arrival and business visa) for temporary reasons (tourism, business, cultural, and other short-term purposes). If you intend to stay longer in Thailand for any reason (e.g., education, work, etc.), you can also apply for long-term (non-immigrant) visas to Thailand or residence permits in Thailand.

Thailand E-visa 

The e-Visa to Thailand on Arrival is an online method for obtaining a visa for short-term travel to Thailand. Thailand's E-VOA system is available for some nationals. You can visit our website under the "Services'' section to find out the conditions for obtaining an E-VOA on arrival.


Thailand Business visa

A business visa to Thailand is granted to applicants intending to visit Thailand for business purposes such as attending business meetings, conducting business without payment, etc. You can apply for a business visa to Thailand to undertake your business activities. A business visa to Thailand can be a single entry (valid for 90 days) and multiple entries (valid for one year or more).


Multiple entry visa Thailand

A multiple-entry tourist visa will be valid for six months from the date of issue. You must enter Thailand within the validity period of the visa.

Applicants with a multiple-entry tourist visa will be allowed to stay for a period maximum of 60 days for each entry within six months from the date of arrival in Thailand. Please check the immigration stamp in your passport regarding the exact duration of your stay.

Thailand visa requirements 

The visa process begins when you submit all the necessary documents to the embassy. 

This includes a barcode (or acceptance receipt), the original passport, and other relevant documents. Once you submit all the documents to the embassy, please wait for your visa status to change within 15 days.

If the status has not changed, this is most likely since your application has not been completed or the documents submitted were insufficient. If the embassy requires further information or documents, the embassy will send an email directly to the applicant.

Thailand visa photo requirements include a photograph no more than six months old, on a white background and  visa photo size is 4x6 cm. 

Thailand visa fees

Thailand E-visa on Arrival fee is 2000 Baht for a regular visa and 600 Baht (approximately US$20) for the Visa Administration Centre service. 

The fee for a visa to Thailand through the embassy for foreign nationals is US$30-110 (this may vary depending on your country and nationality and the type of visa). In addition, you may have to pay a visa center fee depending on your country of application.

How to get Thailand visa?

Travelers are advised to visit our website, select the 'Services' section, choose your nationality and country of residence to find out all the requirements.