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You can make a planned trip by applying for a Saudi Arabia visa. Foreign nationals can apply for a short-term visa (tourist, temporary, business visit) for various reasons (medical, business, pleasure). Those who wish to stay in Saudi Arabia for longer can apply for long-term visas for occasions such as school and career.

Do I need a visa for Saudi Arabia?

Yes, you will likely need a Saudi Arabia visa to visit the country. Ultimately, whether or not you need a Saudi visa depends on your nationality. If you're uncertain whether a Saudi Arabia visa is required, please reach out to us via our "Contact" page. Or, enter the country where you have citizenship and the country you wish to visit to learn more about which visas are available.

Saudi Arabia visa types

There are 4 Saudi Arabia visa types: 

  1. Short term visa 
  2. Long term visa  
  3. E visa 
  4. Transit visa 

E-visa for Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia E-visa is an online way of getting a visa to Saudi Arabia. This visa is valid for one year and multiple. However, you can stay in the country 90 days each entry but not more than 180 days during the year. You may apply for this visa if you want to get a Saudi Arabia tourist visa, Saudi Arabia business visa, etc. 

Who can apply for Saudi Arabia evisa?

Citizens of many countries are eligible to apply for Saudi Arabia evisa. Anyone who has citizenship to one of the approved countries can apply for a Saudi evisa. Below are some of the countries which are eligible for an electronic visa for Saudi Arabia:

  • Andorra
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Holland
  • Monaco
  • New Zealand
  • Russia 
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

An important note about the Saudi Arabia evisa: non-muslim travelers approved for the evisa can only use it for tourism purposes. The evisa is not valid for holy cities, including Mecca and Medina. It is prohibited to visit these cities with this type of evisa.

Saudi Arabia Long-Term Visa 

Even if your country is free from visa and intends to stay longer in Saudi Arabia, you have to apply for a long-term visa. The long-term visa allows you to enter Saudi Arabia and apply for a residence permit. You will apply for this visa if you want to get Saudi Arabia work visa, Saudi Arabia student visa, etc.

Who can enter Saudi without visa?

Nationals from visa-free countries are eligible to enter Saudi without a visa. Otherwise, those who qualify for a visa on arrival can enter Saudi without a visa. All other visitors must have applied and received approval for a Saudi visa before visiting the country.

Saudi Arabia visa requirements 

Saudia Arabia visa requirements depend on the nationality and visa type you are applying for. You can check all documents on our website in the “Services'' section.

Saudi Arabia fees 

The Saudi Arabia average visa fee is 50-215 USD. It changes depending on your nationality and the visa type you are applying for. 

How to get visa for Saudi Arabia?

You should apply for a visa by choosing the “Services” section on our website. After selecting your residence and country of visit, you will get all information about the next steps. 

How long Saudi visa takes?

Depending on the type of visa you select and the method of procurement, it can take anywhere from 3-60 business days regarding your nationality. This timeline begins once you have submitted the application and appropriate paperwork for a Saudi visa. 

Do UAE residents need visa to Saudi Arabia?

Yes, UAE residents are some of the select few who can enter Saudi without a visa. The United Arab Emirates is a visa-free country for Saudi Arabia. If you are a citizen of the UAE, you will need to present a national ID when you arrive in the country. 

Who can travel to Saudi without visa?

Only countries which are in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and France are on the visa-free list for Saudi Arabia. You must hold a diplomatic or official passport for one of the countries to take advantage of visa-free entry. Otherwise, you must apply for a Saudi Arabia visa that matches your initial reason for visiting the country.

The below countries are on the Saudi visa-free list:

  • Qatar
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • UAE
  • France

It’s important to note that those living in one of the above countries with a resident permit will be required to apply for a visa. This note does not apply to those who have a valid Saudi passport.

Can I get a Saudi visa at the airport?

Yes, visa on arrival is available for tourists from eligible countries, such as Switzerland, Monaco, Lithuania, and Ireland. This must be done at one of the entry points of Saudi Arabia. There are a few additional conditions that must apply for visitors to be approved for a visa on arrival:

  • You must be from an eligible country
  • A USA, UK, or Schengen visa must be present, and it must be a
    • Valid visa
    • Business or tourism visa
    • Used at least once with an entry stamp from the issuing country
  • A resident of the UK, US, or EU with supporting proof (including a relative or loved one)

Do I need to show my Saudi evisa?

Yes, you will need to present your Saudi evisa upon arrival in Saudi Arabia. You will also need to provide local authorities with your passport to gain entry to the country. Even though it is not required to print out an evisa, it is recommended for a quicker entry.

Does a Saudi visa guarantee entry?

No, even if you are approved for a Saudi Arabia visa, you are not guaranteed entry to the country. The final person who decides whether or not to approve your entry is an Immigration Officer at your chosen point of entry. This individual may decide that allowing you entry may go against national security or interests. In some cases, the Immigration Officer may determine that you do not have the appropriate items and documents prepared for immigration. 

Does a kid need a Saudi visa?

Yes, anyone who wishes to enter Saudi Arabia requires a visa. Children will need a visa for entry regardless of their age. It's important to note that a legal guardian or parent must submit the application for a visa for anyone under 18. You can apply for multiple people simultaneously. Ensure everyone traveling in your party has an approved Saudi visa before embarking on the trip.

Saudi Arabia visa for US citizen

Any US citizen who wishes to visit Saudi Arabia is required to obtain a Saudi visa or Saudi evisa beforehand. Obtaining a Saudia Arabia visa for US citizen requires a valid visa that has an expiry date of at least six months. Additionally, your passport must contain at least one blank page, which is necessary for an entry stamp. 

Those traveling into or out of the country with $16,000 or more must report it to customs. A few notes about Saudi Arabia that also pertain to US citizens:

  • Minors and female travelers may need permission from a male guardian to leave Saudi Arabia. Be prepared for this occurrence to avoid any traveling delays.
  • Your passport must have the same nationality noted as when you entered the country.
  • Avoid overstaying a visa, as it can result in fines, detention, deportation, and a ban from Saudi Arabia.