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Papua New Guinea Visa Types

There are different Papua New Guinea visa types available for visitors. You can visit Papua New Guinea by obtaining a Papua New Guinea e-visa, visa on arrival, or via the embassy for temporary reasons to get a Papua New Guinea tourist visa, business visa for Papua New Guinea, etc. 

A Papua New Guinea long-stay visa is designed for those who would like to get Papua New Guinea work visa or any other long-term visa. Some embassies don't process long-term visas. Instead, applicants apply for short-term visas. Applicants who need a multi-entry visa to Papua New Guinea must get a residency permit after arrival. 

Do I need a visa for Papua New Guinea?

You will need a visa for Papua New Guinea, except for those that are already residents of the country. Those who plan to travel to this island country must send an application before leaving their country of origin for a visa. This note does not apply to those who qualify for a visa on arrival.

Visa on arrival is dependent on the country of citizenship. Many types of visa to Papua New Guinea are available, including tourist, working, and business visas. 

What Papua New Guinea visa do I need?

The intent of your visit and the desired length of stay determines the type of visa you should select. A tourist visa is appropriate if you wish to explore the country. It’s important to note that different types of visas have different requirements. Once a visa type is selected, ensure you have the requirements ready for the application process. If you're unsure which visa type is correct, select our "Contact" tab for additional help. 

Types of Papua New Guinea visa

Multiple types of Papua New Guinea visa are available for travelers. The following are some of the popular options:

  • Tourist/Visitor visa
  • Business visa
  • Specialist visa
  • Employment visa 
  • Journalist visa

What is Papua New Guinea evisa?

The Papua New Guinea evisa is available to citizens of 30+ countries. It allows travelers to stay in PNG for up to 60 days. Travelers who wish to apply for an evisa can select an application for a short-term stay, which enables PNG visitors to stay up to 30 days. Or, visitors can apply for a long-term Papua New Guinea evisa which allows for stays of up to 60 days. An evisa to PNG is only approved for a single entry for tourism purposes.  

Is there a PNG transit fee?

An additional transit fee may apply to specific visitors. For example, visitors on a layover in PNG who leave the terminal will have to pay a fee of about $28. However, transiting within the terminal should not incur additional fees.

Additionally, those traveling on a cruise ship who wish to come onto the PNG shore will require a seaman pass. If one is not included in the cruise prices, an additional fee of about $28 will occur. 

Visa requirements for Papua New Guinea

Visa requirements vary depending on the nationality and type of visa you are applying for. You can check the list of documents for your nationality through our website's "Services" section. By selecting your nationality and the country you wish to visit, you will get information about requirements and find answers to the question: do you need a visa for Papua New Guinea?

In general, you will need the following documentation for a Papua New Guinea visa:

  • Valid passport with an expiry date of more than six months
  • Passport photos that adhere to the PNG photo standards
  • Proof of travel arrangements, i.e., airline bookings, hotel bookings, etc.
  • Completed Health Requirements form
  • Proof of adequate bank funds
  • Completed PNG visa application 

How much is a visa to travel to Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea visa costs depend on the type of visa you are applying for. However, the average Papua New Guinea visa costs are 56-350 USD. You can check it on the “Services” section of our website. 

How do I get a PNG visa?

You can apply for a PNG visa online or at the nearest Papua New Guinea Embassy. Those not near a PNG Embassy will find it more convenient to apply online for a visa to Papua New Guinea. 

Check our “Services” tab to see which PNG visas we can help you apply for. Rates, processing lead times, and maximum stay allowance are noted under each visa option. 

How to get a work visa for Papua New Guinea?

The essential document for your work visa in Papua New Guinea is a work permit letter of approval. Without this, applicants can't start their application process. All other documents may vary depending on your nationality. That is why each applicant must check the official website list of documents. 

How long does it take to get a visa for Papua New Guinea?

Depending on the type of visa you are applying for and the method by which you apply, it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to receive a visa. In most cases, once your Papua New Guinea visa is processed, you'll receive an email notification noting whether you have been approved.

What are visit visa regulations for tourist to Papua New Guinea?

Visa regulations vary depending on the nationality of the applicant. You may check visa regulations on our website's "Services" section. 

Can you get a visa on arrival in Guinea?

If you are a resident of a country approved for a visa on arrival in Papua New Guinea, you may opt for this type of visa instead. Many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Hong Kong, and Norway, fall under this category.

What is Papua New Guinea visa on arrival?

Instead of applying and awaiting approval before traveling to Papua New Guinea, citizens of some countries are eligible to receive a visa when they arrive. The Papua New Guinea visa on arrival is only for those interested in obtaining a single-entry tourist or business visa. 

It is required for anyone who wishes to obtain a visa on arrival to have a valid passport noting the traveler is a citizen of one of the approved countries. Upon arriving in Papua New Guinea, visitors who are approved for a visa on arrival can typically stay in PNG for up to 30 days or 60 days, depending on the country of origin. As a note, any applicable fees regarding a passport on arrival must be made while obtaining this visa type.

Papua New Guinea visa for US Citizen

As a US citizen, it is required to obtain a visa to Papua New Guinea. US citizens qualify for a visa on arrival, which can be obtained from government officials in PNG. If approved, a tourist visa on arrival allows for a stay of up to 60 days. This tourist stay can be extended by an additional 30 days. Otherwise, a business visa on arrival allows a stay of up to 30 days.

For other traveling purposes, a Papua New Guinea visa for a US citizen must be obtained in advance. Remember, a valid passport that does not expire within six months is required to enter Papua New Guinea along with the predetermined documents.