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Pickvisa is an online platform that gives dedicated services to obtaining travel, education, and business trip visas to any country internationally. We wish to make it easy for our customers to get their access; our friendly staff is always there to help with all your queries. We are also facilitating our customers to get their Guinea visas in simple steps on our website.

Guinea visa requirements

All the people worldwide who wish to visit Guinea must get a Guinea visa earlier. Guinea is in West Africa; however, it might not be the perfect option for their vacations, but it is ideal for people who want a backwoods or backland type of area, crowded and full of natural beauty. Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve region has alluring waterfalls, innumerable beaches, and uncultivated rainforests. It entices nature lovers and people who love to do new adventures.
However, many visitors, whether travelling for business or tourism, need to apply and get a guinea visa before travelling to Guinea. The process is relatively easy and done through online services.
When you decide that you are going or planning to visit Guinea, you have to select the type of visa you are required; the following are types of access given by the government of Guinea to foreigners.
The first is the Single Entry Guinea Visa, valid for up to 90 days.
Second is the Long Term Guinea Visa, for visitors who wish to stay in Guinea for more than three years, and its validity is for one year.
Thirdly, the Multiple Entry Guinea Visa is issued for 3 to 5 years, based on if Guinea had the treaty or a bilateral obligation with your state.
Then there is the Guinea Visa Prorogation which is issued depending on the latest Guinea visa that the candidate attains.
Then it is Visa de Transbordement, or Guinea Transit Visa, provided to visitors who are simply travelling in the area of Guinea. So it is for almost three days.
Lastly, Guinea Service Visa, Diplomatic Visa, and Courtesy Visa; provided under an approval officer's administration.
Furthermore, Guinea visas are also disunited depending on the objective you are travelling to Guinea, for instance, tourism, business, or any other reason.


How to get a visa for Guinea?

The most important question is now that how will you get a visa for Guinea, and apply for the visa, you will need: authorized and Valid Passport, passport pictures that must be meet the needs of the government of Guinea, a Proof of the Travel Arrangements, Vaccination Certificate or card, correctly Completed Guinea Visa Application Form and Money Order.
Our travel expert ensures that the complex application procedure for a Guinea visa is straightforward. We give our customers a dedicated travel services characteristic, inch by inch application tool, visa application review facilities, fore paid shipping labels, along with hand delivery of your documents to the Embassy of the Republic of Guinea. When your visa is issued, we are informed and notified right away, and we receive the copy and mail it back to our customers.


Guinea E-visa

The Guinea also provides the facility of e-visa. E-VISA is an online application medium that allows foreign nationals to apply for an electronic visa to enter the Republic of Guinea at the ease of your comfort for every foreign national who wants to visit Guinea. However, few countries are exempt from visas under treaty agreements with Guinea. Therefore before applying for a visa, Kindly research the purpose of making sure that your country is allowed or not before submitting an e-visa request. Validity of e-VISA based on the type of e-Visa approved or given to the e-Visa holder.
Here are the documents that you will be required to be scanned and uploaded along with your application.

  1. Passport front page.
  2. Passport size picture with a white background.
  3. Booking of Confirmed Return flight.
  4. COVID vaccination certificate.
  5. Along with Other documentation depending on your visa type.

If your Guinea e-Visa is accepted, you will get an e-Visa Registration Receipt or an Entry Visa Letter through email that you should have with you when you travel to Guinea. When you arrive at Conakry Airport, you need to approach the Visa (On Arrival counter), submitting your biometric information. You are also required to carry physical copies of the required document.

Guinea visa requirements

Guinea visa requirements consist of the following documents that you'll be required to apply for a Guinea visa.

  1. Your passport.
  2. Scanned copies of passport's data page.
  3. A passport-size photo with a white background
  4. A Yellow Fever Certificate
  5. COVID vaccination certificate.
  6. A confirmed ticket of the return flight.
  7. If you are applying for a diplomatic/service/courtesy visa, then an official Letter of appointment is needed.

The validity of a Guinea visa may vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for.  
Like Tourist Visa is valid for up to 90 days for a single entry, Long Term Visa is valid for only one year beginning from the day it is given, Multiple entries visa is good for about 3 – 5 years, and Transit Visa is Valid for up to 3 days.

Papua has a newly updated guinea visa status after COVID-19.
COVID-19 has changed global travelling, and every country has made unique entry requirements available. These requirements vary very quickly. The Papua latest Guinea Health Declaration Form is the new travel projection that each passenger who travels to Papua New Guinea should complete. Equipped by the Papua New Guinea Government as the first responder to COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccination along with test certification is required both for arrival and departure.

For a Guinea tourist visa, there are requirements for a valid passport with at least 6 months validity lasting along with at least one blank visa page.
One visa application form, filled and signed, two passport-type coloured pictures, front view facing, with a white background, without wearing any glasses, A letter stating the purpose of your trip, Letter of invitation from your host, foremost yellow fever and COVID-19 vaccination certificates, and an ETS Order form.

Guinea visa fee

When it comes to the Guinea tourist visa cost, the cost of the Guinea visa fee depends on the type of visa that you are applying for:
For a Tourist Visa which is for up to 90 days costs $84, For Transbordement/Transit Visa which is for three days, costs $54, For the Long-Term Visa which is for up to 1 year, costs $154
The visa cost is non-returnable in any case, even if your application is not approved. You must pay the Guinea visa fee.

If you talk about the duration and how long it takes to get a visa for Guinea, that. 
Guinea's e-Visa website maintains that a Guinea Visa is ready within almost 72 hours. Although, the preparation duration may vary by a few days depending on how you have applied for the visa.