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Visa types of Czech Republic

There are three different types of visas to the Czech Republic:

  • Schengen visa - short-term visa
  • National visa - long stay visa
  • Airport transit visa

Since the Czech Republic is on the list of Schengen Agreement countries, you must apply for a Schengen visa to the Czech Republic to make your short trip. Reasons for applying for this type of visa can be tourism, visiting family or friends, business travel, medical examination or treatment, short-term education, exchange programs, and many other non-permanent nuances.


Czech Republic visa requirements

Visa requirements to the Czech Republic vary depending on the type of visa.

Standard documents required to apply for a visa to the Czech Republic:

  • First, download the application form, fill it out entirely and sincerely. You can also fill out the Czech Republic Schengen visa application form electronically and then print it out on paper.
  • Must be attached two photos; Czech visa photo size must be 35 x 45 mm
  • Passport and copies of your previous visas valid for a minimum of three months after your return date.
  • Copy of your return ticket reservation
  • Flight itinerary reservation
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of civil status
  • Proof of sufficient funds

However, the list of required documents may vary depending on your purpose of travel, visa type, duration of your visa, etc.


Czech Republic long-term visa

Even though your country is exempt from visa requirements, if you intend to stay more than 90 days, you need to apply for a long-term visa from your country before coming to the Czech Republic. If you want to study in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days (e.g., undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, etc.) or work permanently at a company or organization located here, you can also apply for a long-term visa to the Czech Republic.


Processing time

The average visa processing time is 10-15 calendar days. It depends on your country of application for a visa.


How much is Czech Republic visa fee?

The fee for a Schengen visa is €80, which is payable at the time of application. In addition, you may also be required to pay other administrative fees such as visa centre fees, courier fees, etc., depending on the country and place of application.

Reduced visa fees to the Czech Republic for certain citizens:
Under the agreement signed between the EU and Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Georgia, Northern Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine, the visa fee for citizens of these countries has been reduced to €35. 


Do I need a visa for Czech Republic?

EU, EEA foreign nationals are exempt from the visa requirement. A visa is also not required for some non-EU nationals. You can visit our website under the ''Services'' section for a full list of countries that require to obtain a visa for up to 90 days.


Czech Republic visa interview questions

If you need to go through an interview, the embassy or consulate will summon you. Check the website of your embassy or consulate beforehand, for possible specific instructions on what to do when you arrive for your interview. Be sure to arrive on time with all the necessary documentation.