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You can take a trip to Canada with a Canada visa, Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), or, in some cases, a passport. The requirements for entry to Canada vary depending on your reason for traveling and your country of origin. In most cases, a Canada visa or Canada evisa is required for entry into the country. The below guide will offer assistance to help provide a smoother Canada visa application process.

Do I need a Canada visa?

Varying factors will change whether a Canada visa or Canada evisa is required to enter Canada. Consider the below factors when determining whether you should apply for a Canada e visa or standard visa:

  • Which document you plan to bring with you during your trip, such as a passport, driver's license, etc.
  • The country which you have received your travel documents from. 
  • The travel method which you will use to visit Canada (flight, car, etc.)
  • Your country of origin and your nationality.

Additionally, you may also need a Canada visa when traveling to a Canadian airport. This may be true even for layovers on your way to further destinations. 

How can I Get Canada visa?

The process for obtaining a Canada visa, whether a standard visa or a Canada e visa, is below. 

  1. Applying for the type of visa required.
  2. Taking your photo and fingerprints. 
  3. Awaiting the processing of your application.
  4. Members of the Canadian government decide whether the visa is approved. 
  5. Upon approval, you may travel to Canada.
  6. Once you arrive in Canada, your identity will be checked before you are allowed entry.

Can I get visa for Canada easily?

Temporary Canada visas are typically easy to receive using the above steps. You can also reach out to a visa agent or use the "Services" page on our website for additional help should you run into an issue or have questions about the process. Applying through our "Services" page for a Canada visa also provides an easy application method.

Typically, applying for a permanent Canada visa is a more challenging procedure requiring additional steps and a lengthy processing time, which may last a few months to a few years. 

Canada visa types

Canada has two visa types: Temporary and Permanent Canada Visas. Each of them has a few subtypes. The most common visa types are Visitor visa, Study visa, and Work visas.


Visa requirements of Canada

Canada visa requirements are different for each visa type. The list of required documents, processing time and the fee varies depending on your visa type and purpose of travel. Canada's online government system defines your visa type and gives you detailed information about the required documents depending on your visa type and total fee.

What documents do I need to enter Canada?

 The below documents will help you gain entry to Canada and are typically necessary for a visa application:

  • Passport (or another form of ID)
  • Correctly filled out visa form
  • Proof that the Canada visa fees have been appropriately submitted
  • Proof of your non-criminal status (no record of criminal activity)
  • Proof of a medical exam that shows you are in good health
  • Pictures that align with the requirements for entry to Canada
  • Information indicating financial means
  • Proof that once your allotted time in Canada (according to your visa) is over, you will return to your country
  • ID
  • A cover letter providing information on your intentions for visiting Canada
  • An invitation to Canada or a letter of support (primarily for work or student visas)

Processing time

The average processing time for a Canada visa is 2-60 business days. It can depend on your visa application country and visa type. 

Who issues Canada visa?

Canadian visas are issued by a local government sector – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The IRCC will only reach out during the processing time if there is an issue with your visa. Otherwise, the visa application status is listed online via a portal. 

Canada visa rejection reasons

Your visa chances depend on many factors and the visa type you are applying for. The most common Canada visa rejection reasons are the following:

  • Failure to Meet Financial Requirements
  • Family ties in your home country
  • Providing incorrect or insufficient information
  • Weak travel history


Canada visa interview questions

There is no Canada visa interview. The Visa officer will contact you in case of any questions.


How to apply for Canada visa?

You can apply for Canada visa in 2 ways: on paper or online. You need to gather all the required documents and provide biometric data.


How to apply for Canada visa online?

During a pandemic, Canada visa applications are accepted only online. You need to create an account on an official website and upload all the documents there. After paying visa fees online, you will be requested to visit the Canadian visa center to provide your biometric data.

Canada Electronic Visa

The Canada Electronic Visa has one significant difference from a standard visitor visa – the location where you apply. All eligible travelers can apply for a Canada e-visa instead of traveling to an official location in person. This method is more convenient and time-saving, as it is not required to wait in lines or spend time driving to a specific location. 

The Canada evisas are valid for the same time as standard Canada visas. The fee is also the same as a standard Canada visa. Ensure you apply for the correct travel document before arriving in Canada. Additional resources concerning visas, including a form generator and visa map, can be found on our website's "Solutions" tab.

How much is Canada visa fee?

Canada visa fees include visa application fee and fee for taking biometric data 85 CAD.

Canada visitor visa fee is 100 CAD. The biometric data fee is usually between 80-120 CAD.


How long is Canada visa valid?

Generally, a Canada temporary visa is valid for six months. However, upon arrival in Canada, the border service officers may alert you that your visa is valid for a shorter period. 

If this is the case, a date will be stamped on your passport, which you must abide by. If no stamp is received, a six-month maximum stay is typically in effect. This timeframe begins the day you enter the country. Additionally, if your passport is expiring soon, you cannot stay past the expiry date. The visa is valid until whichever date occurs first.

What is Canada ETA? 

The Canada ETA document is separate from a visa or evisa. This document grants permission to travelers to fly to Canada. Specifically, this document applies to visa-exempt foreign nationals. This document allows travel to Canada multiple times for short periods, which can last up to six months. 

This document is virtually connected to a traveler’s passport. If a new passport is obtained, another Canada ETA is necessary. 

What travelers need a Canada ETA?

The below information will help define who needs a Canada ETA.

  • Visa-exempt foreign nationals who are traveling to or through Canada via plane. Visiting via other methods does not require a Canada ETA.
  • Certain visitors from visa-required countries may be eligible for a Canada ETA. However, this only applies to specific travelers who are flying to Canada. Other methods of transportation require a visitor visa.