Top 10 local foods to try in Canada

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Living in Canada or visiting for once is the childhood dream of millions. Every year millions of people realize their dreams about Canada. We can't say what attracts them because the country is full of gems. When we visit a new country, there are several features that we want to know, and local food is one of them. It is the same for people who desire to visit Canada, too. What is the national food of Canada? Considering that plenty of people wonder about the local cuisine of Canada, we decided to mention some Canadian cuisine recipes. So, take your seat and enjoy a taste journey to Canada.

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french fries baconWhat is the national food

of Canada? The most well-known meal from Canada cuisine is Poutine which is made of gravy, crispy fries, and cheese curds. After it gained fame, various versions of the meal appeared. Now, you can find Poutine with pork, smoked meat, and so on. But, still, the most delicious one for us is a classic one. Although you can find it in other countries, they can not be compared with a local one.

Butter Tarts


Another candidate to be a national food of Canada is famous Butter Tarts. Sugar, egg, and butter together create a great taste. When you put it into your mouth, it will melt and make you feel as if you are in heaven. Besides the classic flavor, you can add some ingredients to make it more delicious. Generally, people like to eat Butter Tarts by adding pecans, maple syrup, or walnuts.

Peameal Bacon

canadian bacon

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular food in Canada. Although it originated from Toronto, it owes its popularity to William Davies Company. This company brought Peameal bacon to cities and reached millions of customers. Now, you can find this delicious meal almost in the country's restaurants. What are the ingredients? It is one of the most asked Canadian cuisine recipes. If you want to cook it, you should roll it in corn flour and cook to produce a yellow, crispy meal.

Split Pea Soup

pea soup with bacon

It will save you from the harsh winters of Canada. I guess we all search for a hot, delicious bowl of soup during the winter. So, Split Pea Soup is exactly what we need. We owe this delicious meal to Quebecois. The main ingredients of the soup are herbs, pork, and peas. Thanks to the used ingredients, the soup is very healthy. You will be sure when you see it.



Undoubtedly, Salmon must be on the list of the most popular food in Canada. Local people eat them in all versions: cut into slices, roasted, and fresh. Besides, Salmon caviar has enormous popularity. You can find Salmon meals in all parts of the country, but the most famous ones are in the Bay of Fundy. Smoked fish is prevalent in this region. You should taste Salmon in all cooking styles.

Nanaimo bars

nanaimo bars

It is a three-layered bar that doesn't require baking. Maybe those layers are not adequate independently, but together they are marvelous. Nanaimo bar owes its name to the city Nanaimo which is inside the borders of British Columbia. Although it originated from those lands, it is an undividable part of Canada cuisine. Such as most other meals on our list, it changed a lot through the years. Depending on the restaurant you eat at, you can find various types. For example, nowadays, putting a mint on the top of the bar is widely popular. It adds freshness and creativity to Nanaimo bars.

Calgary Beef

alberta beef steak

A wide range of people accepts that meat tastes different in Canada. There are many reasons for that. Of course, the most compelling reason is geographical features. Also, the things that the cattle eat cause differences. For example, people feed their cattle dominantly with barley in western parts. On the other hand, the main diet of cows in Ontario is corn. Another region that is famous for meat is Calgary. You can taste it as a hamburger, grilled or mixed with salad and chips. Regardless of the type that you eat, I am sure that you will fall in love with this national food of Canada.


four tourtiere

Reading the name is enough to understand that it is the heritage of French colonization. It is a meat pie made up of bread filled with meat. As Split Pea Soup, it originated from Quebecois. In the past, it was a special meal for celebration, but now it is an undividable part of daily diet and can be found in all parts of the country. Besides the locals, visitors list Tourtiere among their favorite meals.

Lobster Rolls of Nova Scotia

lobster roll

Seafood plays a vital role for the Canadian people. It is understandable because they are one of the wealthiest countries in seafood. Each coast of the country is wealthy in this matter. You will taste one of the best examples of local seafood in Nova Scotia. The Lobster Rolls of this region have nationwide fame, and the fame of this meal crossed the borders. After reading our Canada food guide, I do not doubt that many people will add it to their list of meals to taste.

Hodge Podge

hodge podge soup

This enjoyable named and healthy meal is from Nova Scotia. The main ingredients to prepare Hodge Podge are fresh peas, carrots, green beans, wax beans, and potatoes. After cutting, you will cook them in milk and add salt, butter, and pepper. You can add a slice of canned meat to the recipe if you want. I can say that the name perfectly describes the meal because Hodge Podge means heterogeneous mix.

Food prices in Canada

jean talon market

At the end of our Canada food guide, I would like to mention some prices. As you know, Canada is one country that offers high living standards. That is why living costs are higher than in some countries. What are the food prices in Canada? It entirely depends on you. You may prefer to eat in a restaurant, fast-food chain, or you may want to try some street food. Generally, we can say that prices start from 2-4 USD. If you want to have a meal in an inexpensive restaurant, you will pay around 14-30 USD. On the other hand, having dinner with someone in a mid-range restaurant will cost at least 40-50 USD. In conclusion, Canada has delicious cuisine rich in meat, seafood, and vegetables. So, you will have a wide range of selections.

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