Top 10 local foods to try in Australia

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Words are not enough to describe Australia. This beautiful continent country is located in the southern hemisphere. Most people know this country for its colorful biodiversity, beaches, metropolitan cities, local culture, etc. There is no doubt that Australia has many features to make you fall in love with him. Famous actor David Wenham said: Australia is a charming country, and it continues to mesmerize me after each visit. One of the things that people are interested in about Australia is Australia traditions food. What is the most popular food in Australia? The country's traditional cuisine is rich with delicious meals, and in this blog, I will try to mention our top 10 most popular food in Australia.

Australia Visa

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  • Tourist Visas. If you want to visit your friend family member or just make a tourist visit to Australia, you can apply for visitor visas. It has six types related to the purpose of the visit: subclass 601 (ETA), subclass 651 (eVisitor), subclass 600 (visitor), subclass 771 (transit), subclass 462 (work and holiday), subclass 417 (working holiday). The visitor visa's documentation, fees, and processing times vary depending on the subcategory. On the other hand, the duration of stay is the same for all of them. You will have a right to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days.
  • Studying and Training Visas. This visa lets you travel to Australia, study, take part in training and work for 20 hours a week. You can choose one of the following types: subclass 500 (for students), subclass 590 (student guardian), subclass 407 (training).
  • Family and Partner Visas. Australian citizens or foreigners who have permanent residency visas can bring their family members. It has several subcategories, and each of them has particular requirements.
  • Working and Skilled Visas. The government allows foreigners who have high working skills in any field to live in the country. The main aim of this visa is to bring foreigners who can improve the economy of Australia.
  • Medical Treatment Visa. People who want to donate an organ or want to get treatment can visit the country via Medical Treatment Visa.

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What is the local cuisine in Australia?

australian lunch

People who have never searched about Australian cuisine ask: What is the local cuisine in Australia? Australian cuisine is a perfect mix of cooking traditions of indigenous people and migrants. The first men settled here more than 65000 years ago, and they created unique cooking. After British colonization, the cuisine was influenced by British culture. In the following years, many people from various cultures migrated to Australia, bringing some pieces of their culture.

Chicken Parmigiana

file parmegiana

What is the most popular food in Australia? The local cuisine is rich with delicious meals, but the most popular food in Australia is Chicken Parmigiana. Although the dish has Italian roots, it is one of the national foods of Australia. Local people love to eat it, and that is why you can find it everywhere. While sitting in a pub, you can see that most people ask for a Chicken Parmigiana. You can make it for yourself if you want to test your cooking skills. Don't worry, it doesn't require high cooking skills and much time. Probably, 30-40 minutes will be enough to prepare and cook. The ingredients are:

  • Two chicken breasts
  • Two eggs
  • Breadcrumb (75 g)
  • Parmesan (75 g)
  • Olive oil (a tablespoon)
  • Two garlic cloves
  • Sugar (a tablespoon)
  • Mozzarella (125 g)

Aussie Meat Pie

meat pie

In Europe and most other parts of the world, people eat pie for dessert, but Australians changed this. Aussie Meat Pie is the next meal in our list of Australia traditions food. You can buy it from the pie shops. There are plenty of such kinds of shops in the country. So, finding one will be a piece of cake. Also, you can go to a cafe or restaurant to try it. The ingredients to make an Aussie Meat Pie are mushrooms, cheese, onions, meat, and gravy. The final touch is adding a special sauce. Australia traditional food is ready for eating.



As Australia is a continental country, seafood plays a crucial role in their daily diet. Various types of seafood are available in Australia, and Barramundi is one of the best ones. It can be fried or grilled. Both of them are delicious, and you can choose whichever you want. You can try Barramundi almost in all cities of the country, but Queensland is the main place for tasting Barramundi. Moreover, you can find various versions of the meal in restaurants. All of us know that chefs like to add something unique to their meals.


savory toasts

You may think that it is the same as British Marmite, but it is different. Since 1922 it has been an example of Australia famous food. This unique flavor of Australian cuisine is made from brewer's yeast extract and additives. Generally, people eat Vegemite for breakfast on toast. Also, you may have it for lunch or as a snack. It does not contain any additives of animal origin. So vegans and vegetarians can eat it with peace of mind. As it is salty and lightly bitter, some people may not prefer it.

Lamb Leg Roast

roast lamb

We want to eat a heavy meal at the end of a tiring day to restore our energy. What about Australia? What food do Australia eat? One of the heaviest and most delicious meals that you can find in local cuisine is Lamb Leg Roast. The land of the country is full of adventure. So, you will need to travel a lot. After exploring the whole beauties of Australia, you can end your day by tasting Lamb Leg Roast. Besides the lamb leg, ingredients for making the dish are rosemary, olive oil, garlic, and sometimes potato.

Barbecued meat


While talking about Australia culture food, we are obliged to talk about barbecued meat. You can try them in restaurants, but I advise you to try them at a party. Australians love to party and gather together. So, you can join one party during your voyage. Probably, they will invite you to join and taste some delicious barbecued meat. Generally, they use beef and pork. Also, they mix them with various spices and sauces.

Chiko Roll

chicko rolls

At first sight, you may say that it looks like a Chinese spring roll. Actually, I can't say that you are wrong because Australians were inspired by the Chinese and created their own meal. Although they look like each other, they are not the same. It has been one of Australia traditional food since 1951, and it seems that it will continue to be. It is a rolled dough piece filled with carrots, beef, cabbage, and onions.

Another interesting fact about the meal is the origin and why it was prepared for the first time. The main aim was preparing something that you can eat while holding a beer on the other hand.

Witchetty Grub

witchetty grubs

What food do Australia eat? As you see, there are various types of meals. If you want to taste something from Aboriginal cuisine, you can try Witchetty Grub. This example of Australian culture food is prepared from wood-eating larva. It may seem to most of you, but it is very healthy and full of protein. It can be eaten raw or barbecued. When people eat them raw, they add some peanut sauce. It is not a meal that people eat every day, but if you want to taste something unique, it is what you are looking for.

Kangaroo meat

cutting flame grilled

Yes, I know that it is weird and controversial for most people, but it is part of the daily diet of Australians. Kangaroos are the symbols of the country, but still, the law is not against hunting them ( of course, there are some limits and restrictions). So, you can find barbecued kangaroos in most restaurants. Some tourists like it very much. On the other hand, a group of people simply ignore trying. Finally, I should say that Kangaroo meat contains low saturated fats, and that is why it is healthy.

Australian burger


The last example of Australia famous food in our blog is the Australian burger. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary burger, but it isn't. The main ingredients that are used are cheese, lettuce, meat, bacon, tomato, pineapple slices, egg, and pickled beets. Probably, you have never added pineapple to the burger, but it tastes marvelous.

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